Being Bilingual is an Asset: Here’s How.

Language: it’s one of the most important parts of being human. It’s how we interact. It’s how we express what we feel. It’s how we communicate our fears and desires. There is no doubt about it that language is a powerful tool, and when you’re learning more than one language, this can be an incredible asset. Here are some of the reasons why being bilingual can be a big advantage.

#1: Being bilingual will improve your edge in the household staffing market.

If you’re looking to make your resume stand out when you’re looking for a job, knowing a second language will do just that. For household employers looking to hire a nanny, executive assistant, live-in housekeeper, or estate manager, bilingual candidates are oftentimes moved to the top of the interview list.

#2: Being bilingual gives you opportunities to teach others.

Speaking another language gives you the opportunity to interact with different people from other cultures. This allows you a unique glimpse into their way of life, including their values and beliefs. In addition, if you work in an employment position that gives you the opportunity to teach and interact with kids, you can help teach them the language and give them the chance to learn about a new culture. Learning a language allows for incredible growth opportunities.

#3: Being bilingual is helpful for jobs that require travel.

If you work with a family that travels a lot and requires you to travel with them, being bilingual is a huge advantage. They may rely on you to do some of the communication when it comes to navigating hotels or eating at restaurants, for example. Families won’t need to hire a foreign-language guide if you are there to help engage in conversation.

#4: Being bilingual gives you a chance to know yourself better.

Being fluent in another language allows you to understand yourself better. People that know themselves well and can articulate their strengths and weaknesses are great employees. If you know yourself well, you will be able to work in a career field that aligns with your personality, your strengths, and values.

Multi-lingual individuals bring many benefits to the table when it comes to looking for jobs. They’re often very good problem solvers and can multi-task, switching from one language to the other. The sooner you learn and frequently use another language, the greater benefits you will experience. You’ll be glad you spent the time investing in learning a new language!

We have a variety of household employers that looking for bilingual employees. Our team at Household Staffing is ready to match you with the perfect job, so contact us today!