Career Spotlight: Private Educator

As we navigate the many changes that COVID-19 has brought on the world, educators around the country are grappling with new ways of teaching. For many teachers, online learning will be the new normal. Many educators are exploring other career options that go beyond the traditional classroom setting. Working as private teacher in a home is one of the options that could work. Here are some important must-knows about being a private educator.

#1: Private educators must be committed to building relationships.

Working as a private educator in a home creates a unique opportunity for families, kids, and the teacher. While public school educators often have limited time to invest in getting to know their students and their families, private teachers will have ample time to do this. Building relationships with students and understanding how they learn will give you the opportunity to create lessons that engage. Building relationships also builds trust between you and the student, as well as their family. Trust creates an environment where kids are comfortable to ask questions. This dialogue can help them learn quicker.

#2: Private educators must be able to communicate frequently with parents.

Whether it’s a regular weekly check in meeting with parents or written reports that you go over with the parents, private educators have a unique opportunity for parent communication. Oftentimes, parents and private educators collaborate together to create learning plans for their children.

#3: Private educators must be masters in a variety of subject matters.

Great private educators are continual learners, but they also must be trained to teach all of the subjects. You will be hired to teach a variety of subjects, and you must be able to do that confidently for the age group that you are working with.

If you are ready to branch out of the traditional classroom learning and teaching environment, working as an in-home private educator could be a great move. There are a variety of private educator positions available in different areas around the country. Contact us today to talk about your specific qualifications so we can help find the right placement for you.