Fair and Legal Pay

Imagine you have worked a stressful and emotional 24 hours straight, only to learn that you will only be paid for 13 hours. Is it fair? Is it legal? Household employees have determined that enough is enough: they have demanded that they need to have the same rights as other industries around the country. Here, we will discuss what fair and legal pay is and how it can benefit you as a household employee. 

What does Fair and Legal pay mean?

Fair and legal pay is described simply: paying a living wage for all hours you’ve worked. This includes overtime hours. It also means that your employer will need to pay the correct employment taxes on the wages paid to the employee, with verifiable income that can be used to purchase or rent a home, apartment, or vehicle. By being paid legally, household employees are eligible for government benefits like unemployment, disability, social security, or medical leave. 

Household Staffing recognizes that household employees are essential for families around the country. They provide contributions that go above and beyond care – they provide companionship and love, too. We believe that household employees need to be recognized for their valuable contributions to millions of individuals and families nationwide and fair and legal pay is just the beginning. We aim to educate and comply with fair and legal pay standards for all household employees. We are also committed to observing and complying with federal, local, and state laws that align with fair and legal pay and will do our part to support these standards for employees. 

Our Pledge

Household Staffing supports the Fair and Legal Pay movement (fairandlegalpay.com). As continuing supporters:

We pledge that as part of our daily organizational practices, we will educate, support, and comply with all applicable fair and legal pay standards for household employees. Fair and legal pay means the observance and compliance with all federal, state, and local laws that apply in our service area(s), such as worker classification, minimum wage, labor laws, and tax laws.

Learn more about the Fair and Legal Pay movement

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