How to Become an Estate Manager

If you are considering a career change, an estate manager is something that might be on your radar. Also known as butlers or house managers, these individuals provide dedicated oversight to busy households around the country and the world.

What does an estate manager do?

Estate managers play an important role in the day-to-day operations of a private home or estate. They supervise all staff within the household (ie. nannies, housekeepers, personal chefs), manage budgets, coordinate special events, and oversee household maintenance upkeep or projects. If the estate is used partially as a business or has an area for renting out for events or for farming, the estate manager generally oversees that portion of the business to ensure it is running efficiently and profitably. For estates that do not have a business side of things, the estate manager will be actively involved in the family’s home, overseeing employees that work in it.

How to get a job as an estate manager

Estate managers generally live on site at the home they work for. The home can be in a large city, the country, or it can even be divided between multiple homes that the family owns and operates. You must be okay with living on site. As an estate manager, you must be very professional, polite, and strong, personable leader. Being detail oriented and able to step into a variety of roles is especially important in this job, so you must demonstrate that you are capable to do that. However, each estate is different, and you will need to get specific details upon hire to determine how the home runs and what duties are required of you.

An estate manager plays a key role in a busy home. They help keep things running smoothly and help alleviate the load of the homeowner. If you are ready to launch your new career as an estate manager, let us help find a position that works for you! We have estate manager positions available now and can help find the right placement, so contact us today!