How to Ensure A Good Working Relationship with Your Employer

If you have recently started working in a home, you are likely doing your best to learn the ropes and complete your job to the best of your ability. As you find your new work routine, it’s important to also work on building a great working relationship with your household employer. Here are some tips on how to best do that.

Show that you’re reliable.

Show up for work on time and do the job well. Punctuality and dependability speak volumes. That also shows that you respect and value your role and that you can be relied on.


Great communication is the key to building a trusting working relationship. So, in your new role, you will need to learn how to best communicate with your employer. That requires learning a little bit about their communication style. Maybe they want to connect monthly or weekly, or maybe they are okay with informal check-ins every day while you’re there via email, text or a quick chat. Some employers want to know only essential details, while others are more casual. Part of your new role is learning how the home operates and find the best way to stay in communication about things that come up.

Go above and beyond.

Doing the bare minimum won’t set you apart from other employees. Your employer wants someone who not only does their job but does it with gusto! Find ways to be proactive. See what you can do to not only accomplish your tasks but do it with extra attention to detail. Or if you have time, volunteer to take on additional tasks that need to be done. This shows your interest in your position and that you are willing to go the extra mile to lend a helping hand.

Employees and employers can truly be on each other’s team! Doing your part to create a work environment that includes respect, fun, and healthy communication will give you the ability to adapt to your new role. Looking for the perfect household employee position? We have jobs available around the country. Contact us today to get registered, so you can find your dream job!