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Job ID: 16475655
Recruiter: melissa

Position: Bi-/Multi-Lingual Private Educator/Governess
Location: Shenandoah Valley, VA (Crimora, VA)

The Ideal Candidate: Private family with Christian values is looking to hire a Bi-/Multi-Lingual Private Educator/Governess for their two girls, ages 5 years and 8 years, focusing on a classical education framework while also helping to raise two future business leaders!

Salary: $100K+ Annually, on Payroll, DOE, Negotiable for the right candidate.
Benefits: Comprehensive package including health, vision, and dental insurance, plus a 401(k) plan.

Overview: We are looking for an exceptional educator with a flair for classical education, dedicated to molding young minds into future business leaders. This role demands not just an adherence to a classical education framework, but also a strategic focus on developing critical thinking, leadership skills, and an entrepreneurial mindset in our children year-round. Language is very important so someone multi-lingual, or bi-lingual is a must! The ideal candidate will inspire a love for learning, instill strong moral values, and lay the foundation for strong leadership in the business world.


  • Craft and execute a year-round, customized educational plan that combines the rigor of classical education with modern leadership principles, aiming to prepare the children for future roles as business leaders.
  • Incorporate foundational business concepts, ethical decision-making, and leadership skills into daily learning, tailored to the children's evolving comprehension levels.
  • Stimulate curiosity and critical thinking through a variety of subjects, with special emphasis on mathematics, science, history, and literature, enriched with real-world business examples.
  • Encourage an entrepreneurial spirit, fostering creativity, innovation, and resilience.
  • Guide the children in developing strong communication skills, teamwork, and a deep understanding of moral and ethical values.
  • Facilitate immersive learning experiences, including project-based activities and potentially real-world business exposure, aligned with family guidance and expectations.
  • Ensure seamless communication with parents to maintain alignment with the family’s educational and ethical values, and to track progress towards developing future business leadership skills.
  • Adapt to the family’s international travel schedule, as needed, providing consistent educational support and leveraging travel experiences as educational opportunities.


  • Proven track record in delivering classical education with an emphasis on leadership and entrepreneurial development.
  • Deep understanding of and ability to integrate values with business ethics and leadership qualities.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, with an unwavering commitment to professionalism and discretion.
  • Versatile, with a flexible approach to teaching that accommodates year-round schedules and international travels.

What Works Best for Family: For our family, we find that the best fit for our staffing needs includes individuals who are quiet and reserved, as this aligns with our preference for a calm and peaceful home environment. Politeness is highly valued, as it ensures respectful and considerate interactions. Honesty is crucial, as we rely on transparency and trust in our household. We also appreciate a conservative approach, particularly in terms of behavior and decision-making, which aligns with our values and lifestyle. Special instructions would include maintaining a low profile, respecting privacy, and adhering to a structured routine to ensure the smooth running of our daily lives.

Additional Information: Employment will commence upon agreeing to and signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality. This position represents a unique opportunity to significantly influence the early development of future business leaders, enhanced with strong moral and ethical standards.

Requested Duration: Many Years! 

About the Family:

Adults: 2
Children: 2
Current Staff: Housekeeper

Position Responsibilities:

  • Childcare: 02 Children, Ages 8 years (G), 5 years (G)
  • Driving: Car Available for Position
  • Travel: International Travel Required

Position Requirements:

  • Work Hours: To be determined once the scheduled learning plan is in place
  • Languages: English, and any other languages – Bi- or Multi-Lingual is preferred
  • Experience: At least 05 Years of Experience
  • References: Minimum of 2 References
  • Background: Pass stringent background checks and drug testing upon offer of hire
  • Personality Traits: Quiet, reserved, formal, structured, and firm but kind, reliable, respectful, and an excellent communicator.

Position Compensation:

  • Salary: $100K+ Annually, on payroll, DOE. Negotiable for the right candidate
  • Living Accommodations: Live In (In a separate Carriage House with a private bed/bath and kitchen on the Property where the classrooms are) or Live Out if local
  • Vacation: Yes
  • Health Insurance: Yes, including Vision and Dental
  • Additional Benefits: 401(k)

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