Mental Health Tips for Nannies

Being a nanny is a big job. You don’t just work for the family, but you also play an integral role in the development of a child. This is no small task! Sometimes, the day in and day out of this role can take a toll, not just on your body, but on your mental and emotional state. So, taking time to take care of whole self is the key to avoiding burn out. Here, we will provide some helpful mental health tips to put into practice.

#1: Recognize that it’s okay to show your emotions.

You’re not meant to be a robot. You’re a human that has real feelings. So, it’s okay for the kids you work with to see your various emotions – whether you’re happy, sad, or somewhere in between. Allowing children to see you have emotions is part of what helps them open up about their own feelings and emotions, too. It builds empathy and opens the lines of communication.

#2: Use your time off.

Does your employer provide paid vacation or paid time off? Use those days. Even if you’re not going on vacation and you feel like you could just use a day off to recharge and relax – don’t feel bad about that. Nannying can be exhausting work and taking a personal day to take care of yourself is part of what will keep you motivated to keep doing well in your job.

#3: Insist on respect.

Building a positive working relationship with your employer means establishing mutual respect right at the beginning. It can be difficult to speak up if you are feeling disrespected, but it’s important to not tolerate that kind of behavior. You are part of the family team now that you’re working as a nanny, and team members must be respected to keep things flowing as they should.

#4: Don’t settle for being paid under the table.

The family you work for hired you and needs to pay you as an employee. Paying ‘off the books’ is not only illegal, but it doesn’t protect you. In fact, if you were to claim unemployment later down the road and you hadn’t been paid on the record, your unemployment benefits could be negatively impacted. So, insist that you are paid time and paid legally.

To be the best at your job, taking care of yourself is critical. If you haven’t found the right nanny position and you are looking for a new role, we can help place you with the right family! Contact us today to get started.