Resume Tips for Domestic Staff

If you are putting together your resume and want to find some ways to have it stand out, we can help. With our two decades of experience in the household staffing industry, we have seen a multitude of resumes come to us. Here are some tips on how to craft a resume that reflects your work experience and your passions in life.

Tip #1: Reflect your enthusiasm.

Your resume should indicate that you have love and enthusiasm for the work you do in the domestic staffing industry. This is the first impression that a prospective employer will have of you, so be sure it is obvious. This could be done through a simple objective statement, a professional summary of why you love your field of work, or a motto that you live by. Place it at the top of your resume so it’s the first thing that people see.

Tip #2: Place your most recent work experience first.

Detail who you worked for and when and be sure to list your job title and the specific duties that you were responsible for in that position. After that is listed, you can move onto your other work history.

Tip #3: List your skills.

It is important to highlight your best skills and personality traits, so the potential employer gets a glimpse into who you are. It’s not important to include information like jobs that do not correlate with work in the domestic industry. Instead, focus on what professional skills you have built in previous domestic staffing positions and how you will carry that through into this new position.

Tip #4: Proofread.

A resume that has proper spelling and grammar will go a long way. While this does take a little bit of extra time, it’s well worth it. Grammar or spelling mistakes could make you appear unprofessional and that could immediately disqualify you for further consideration for the job.

Creating a solid resume is the first and arguably, one of the most important parts of finding the right match for your next job. Household Staffing has a variety of new careers being added to our job board each week! Let us help you find the perfect career match! Contact us today.