Tips for a successful in-person interview

You’ve crafted a solid resume and now you have an appointment set up for an in-person interview for a household employee position. This is where you get your chance to really make a great impression on your potential employer. How do you do that? Whether you’re looking for a live-in housekeeping position, a summer nanny, or something else, here are some helpful tips to have a successful in-person interview.

Tip #1: Be confident.
Your entrance is a key part of making a good first impression, so enter the room confidently, making eye contact with people in the room, while smiling and saying hello. Shake hands with a firm grip, as this will demonstrate confidence too. A limp handshake can indicate that you are unsure of yourself.

Tip #2: Be outgoing.
Be ready for conversation. Be able to talk about your experience in detail, prepare stories about some of your recent accomplishments, especially those that highlight why you would be a great fit for the position. Think of some questions beforehand about the position or the family that you may be working for and plan some opening remarks that give the interviewer some insight into your personality and your passion for your career.

Tip #3: Be prepared.
Bring hard copies of your resume, references, letter of recommendations and any other job-related materials to the interview in a nice binder or bound portfolio. This will give you a polished look that makes a good impression, showing you’re capable and prepared.

Tip #4: Show interest.
Showing excitement and interest for the position, even if you are still learning about the details, will help you engage with the interviewers. You can learn more about what the position entails and determine whether it’s a good fit for your experience and talents, but as you listen, pay attention and connect.

Making a good first impression on a potential employer is one of the most important parts of the job-hunting process. Household Staffing has a variety of new jobs being added to our job board each week! We can find the perfect career match for you, so contact us today.