Tips for Private Educators to Perfect Their Resume

If you are looking to transition out of the public school system and teach in a private home, many families will be looking for private educators this year.  Crafting a resume that helps showcase your experience and value to a family is key. Whether you’re looking to work with primary, middle school, high school students, or a combination of all of them, you will need to have a resume that stands out. Here are some tips.

#1: Make sure you showcase yourself.

The design and layout of your resume is important, but the information and experience on the resume itself is what really matters. Ensure you have all your education, credentials, work experience, and professional development listed at the top of the resume. Make sure you read through the job description carefully and address all the required qualifications in your cover letter. Make yourself stand out so people can get a sense of who you are right off the bat.

#2: Add an area of expertise.

Adding an area that highlights your specific areas of knowledge or a section of core competencies is a great way to set yourself apart from other candidates. It gives potential employers an easy way to see what you have excelled in and how that could be relevant to their children’s education. Concentrate on emphasizing things that make you different like unique strategies you’ve successfully implemented with previous students, digital training, or differentiated curriculum that you’ve created.

#3: Highlight achievements.

Showcasing your relevant achievements is a great way to make your resume stronger. Some examples could include average student grade point average increases, leadership recognitions or awards, or college success stories with former students.

Potential employers are looking for private educators that have experience and passion for education. By keeping your writing clear, concise, and targeted, you will increase your chances in securing a rewarding career as a private educator in a short amount of time. Contact us today to help find placement as a private educator in a home near you.