Ways to Stand Out During an Interview

Heading into a job interview can be a bit nerve wracking because you know it’s a step toward a future that you’re trying to build. You only get one first impression with a potential employer, so it’s important to do what you can to make it go well. With the right preparations, there are some key methods to stand out during an interview and make a positive impression.

#1: Go beyond the basics.

Your interview is an opportunity to shine. You can count on your interviewer already looking over your resume, so when you meet them in person, this is your chance to elaborate and add color to what they already know on paper. Talk about your accomplishments, your passions, and what things you excel at. If you’re looking to transition into a new area of employment, talk about why that is and how your previous experience ties into the career you’re trying to get into.

#2: Ask good questions.

Your interview is not just a chance for the hirer to learn about you, but for you to get to know them. Don’t wait until the end to ask questions. Converse with the interviewer throughout the interview and make a point to engage them with questions along the way. This shows that you’re interested in the opportunity and you want to learn more. In addition, ask questions that show that you’ve done your research on the position. Coming prepared demonstrates interest in a way that other candidates might not show.

#3: Understand the importance of body language.

Proper posture and maintaining eye contact are a very important part of making a good impression. You may have everything the interviewer wants on paper, but if you show laziness by slumping in your chair or disinterest by focusing on other things in the room rather than making eye contact, you could be making a detrimental mistake. Don’t cross your arms or fidget with your hands or hair. Body language can be used to your advantage – in fact, good posture can make you feel and act more confident!

#4: Send a note.

Sending a handwritten thank you note will show that you’ve taken interest in the position and the family you’ve interviewed with. An e-mail thank you is a good option. However, a handwritten note on cardstock goes above and beyond, as this is becoming more and more rare in today’s electronic age.

Finding a new job can be time consuming, but by coming to your interviews prepared and ready to shine, you will be able to secure a new job sooner. We have a variety of household employers that are looking for staff to work in their homes, so contact us today to find the right match that fits your experience!