What is an Estate Manager?

It is common to hear about housekeepers or private assistants, but an estate manager is somewhat of a newer term. Also known as house managers or butlers, these individuals provide oversight to busy households around the world.

What are the specific duties of an estate manager?

Estate managers oversee the daily running of a private estate. They will supervise staff members, manage budgets, special events, and coordinate household maintenance projects and upkeep. If the estate is large and operates as a business and has an area for wedding venues or farming, the estate manager will oversee that side of the business and ensure its profitability. For smaller estates, this person will play an active role in the family’s home, overseeing private chefs or housekeepers that work in the household.

Where do estate managers work?

Estate managers live on site at the home they work for. They are hired specifically to work in and around the home. The home is generally large and has multiple household employees working in it. Locations vary and can include large cities, small cities, or rural areas.

What skills are required to be an estate manager?

Estate managers must be professional, polite, and personable leaders that is not afraid to step into a variety of roles. They must be very detail oriented and experienced in leading staff of many kinds. Each estate is different, however, and there may be specific skills or experience that is required of the estate manager depending on the job.

An estate manager’s services and skills are invaluable to a home. These individuals help keep estates running smoothly. Ready to find a job that matches your skills and passion for estate management? Contact us today for available positions in your area so you can find the right placement that is right for you!