Why You Should Expect Fair and Legal Pay

The pandemic has impacted numerous industries and millions of jobs have been lost. If you have recently embarked in a new career working as an in-home employee, there are some important things you should know about fair and legal pay. Here, we will discuss the important must-knows and how it will benefit you in your new job.

Fair and Legal Pay Details:

The concept of fair and legal pay is simple: employees need to be paid a living wage for all hours they’ve worked. Unfortunately, sometimes household employees do not receive the same treatment or rights as employees in other industries. That is how fair and legal pay emerged. So, if you end up working 24 hours as a caregiver, you should get paid for those hours, not just a portion of them. In addition, employers need to pay the right amount of employment taxes on your wages. This provides you with verifiable income so you can by a house, rent an apartment, purchase a car, or take a loan out for something else. Not to mention, if you end up needing government benefits like disability, medical leave, or social security, you will need income that has been documented properly. Being paid under the table won’t give you the certifiable income that you need and deserve.

Our team at Household Staffing knows that household employees are invaluable additions to homes around the United States. We know that these employees work hard and often go above and beyond their job duties to make the homes they work in run smoothly. We believe that household employees deserve to be valued and paid fairly for the contributions they make to families of all kinds. So, we work to educate employers about fair and legal pay to ensure they comply. We as a company also comply with all local, federal, and state laws – especially those that support fair and legal pay.

You deserve the best working environment possible, along with fair pay that is paid legally. Household Staffing experts will help you find a position in a home that will not only pay you legally and fairly, but also matches your experience and skillset. Whether you’re looking for a nanny, private educator, estate manager, housekeeping, private chef position or something else, we have a variety of in-home positions available. Contact us today to get the hiring process started.