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Pet Care/Nanny
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Job ID: 16447130
Recruiter: lauren

Traveling professional looking to hire a temporary (6 months)ROTA pet nanny for her small Bichon. This position will require the nanny to travel or stay in the home with the dog for 8-10 days per month. Home base is Hubbard, Ohio. Must live within driving distance to Hubbard, Ohio 

The Ideal Candidate: Someone who has the lifestyle that allows full availability. Must have experience traveling and have no restrictions to do so. The client wants to either have her pup with her when traveling, or have this individual stay in her home to care for her dog during those times she is traveling. Someone with experience with dogs is needed- not just someone who owns a dog. Should have professional experience as a vet tech, dog trainer, etc. 

What Works Best for Family: I'm very laid back and treat everyone like family. I would like to bring on someone who is caring, compassionate, organized and has common sense and critical thinking skills. I would hope to have a team member who is adaptable to a variety of situations.  No two days are the same, so whomever joins us would need to be adaptable

Requested Duration: 6 months

Position Responsibilities

  • Petcare:  1 2.5 year old Bichon 
  • Errands: Dry Cleaners; Post Office,Etc.
  • Driving: Preferred
  • Travel: Domestic Travel Required

Position Requirements

  • Work Hours: 4-5 days at a time 8-10 days per month- this position will start in July and end in December
  • Languages: English 
  • Experience:  Years of Experience
  • References: Minimum of 2 References
  • Background: Pass stringent background checks and drug testing upon offer of hire
  • Personality Traits: organized, flexible, not overwhelmed by clients lifestyle, personable, professional, not too overbearing 

Position Compensation

  • Salary: $4,200 per month

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