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Job ID: 16437206
Recruiter: niihalani

Seeking a self starting "Can Do" Housekeeper/After School Nanny for Private Family

Job Title: Housekeeper/After School Nanny

Location: Kensington, MD

Hours: Monday – Friday 1pm – 9pm or 2pm – 10pm

Salary: $30-40 Per Hour for 40 hours per week Depending on Experience 

About the Family:  The family consists of two working parents, 12-year old son, and a 10-year old daughter  They prioritize their energy on work and spending time with their children, and are seeking a reliable and self-sufficient individual to manage household tasks. While childcare duties are required, the focus of this role is on housekeeping and maintaining a clean, organized environment. The ideal candidate will share the family's values of punctuality, efficiency, and attention to detail. Family follows a "late is on time" mentality and would love someone with a similar outlook.

Job Description: Seeking a Housekeeper/After School Nanny for a private client, responsible for overseeing household chores and occasional childcare tasks for a busy family. The primary focus is on maintaining cleanliness, organization, and ensuring the smooth running of the household. The ideal candidate will exhibit self-motivation, flexibility, and the ability to handle tasks efficiently without constant supervision.


  1. Housekeeping:

    • Perform cleaning tasks such as dishes, mopping, wiping down surfaces, and vacuuming common areas.
    • Keep the house neat and tidy on a daily basis.
    • Utilize vacuum and other cleaning tools to maintain cleanliness.
    • *Cleaners come bi-weekly for full deep cleaning*
  2. Laundry:

    • Handle laundry duties for the entire household, including washing, drying, folding, and organizing clothes.
    • Pay special attention to delicate items and follow specific laundry instructions as needed.
  3. Cooking:

    • Prepare family meals according to provided recipes, considering any special dietary restrictions.
  4. Childcare:

    • Pick up children from school and drive them to/from after-school activities.
    • Assist children with tasks as needed, though they are generally self-sufficient.
    • Supervise children and put them to bed if the parents are out late.
  5. Organization:

    • Establish and maintain organization systems within the household to streamline daily tasks.
    • Ensure that belongings are properly stored and easily accessible.


  1. Flexibility:

    • Ability to adapt to the family's inconsistent schedule, including occasional late evenings and weekends.
    • Willingness to adjust tasks and priorities based on the needs of the household.
  2. Self-Motivation:

    • Proactive approach to completing tasks and managing time efficiently.
    • Ability to prioritize tasks and work independently without constant supervision.
  3. Plain and Fancy Cooking Skills:

    • Capability to cook both simple family meals and more elaborate dishes from recipes as required.
  4. Driving:

    • Access to a car for transportation purposes, including driving the children to various activities.

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